Xmas Gifts For Him

Are you are stuck for what to get the man in your life, be it a boyfriend, husband, friend, or dad. Usually a bottle of Grey Goose or Calvin Klein pants would be the answer.

But I’ve found a number of present suggestions for all budgets for HIM from Barbour leather wallets, to books and phone cases. So, no matter what your  man is into, here’s 10 suggestions we’ve Zipped up.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions: The final book from Stephen Hawking, £14.99

Stephen Hawking’s final book ‘Brief Answers to the Big Questions’ is sure to be one of the most interesting reads this Christmas. Looking into some of his biggest questions such as what is inside a black hole, or how to colonise space, it’s definitely a book for the intellectually curious.

Tech21 Smartphone case, £29.95

If he’s just dropped a shit load of cash on a new iPhone, then it’s worth getting them a case that will protect it from those ineviatable bumps and scratches.

The tech21 cases have 10ft drop protection without jeopardising the style and design. They are available in a number models too.

adidas Originals Gazelle trainers, £69.95

Need some fresh creps? Available in a range of colours, these adidas Gazelle’s should be top of your list for him. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Gazelles, and they won’t break the bank either.

ION Max LP Conversion Turntable with Speakers, £69.99

Music fans will love this. A perfect ‘first’ or return to the turntable, this one isn’t too expensive, and won’t ruin your vinyl, if you have any. There’s also the option to transfer your records to PC or MAC easily if you still have a record you want to preserve forever.

Black Holdall Bag, £16by BooHoo Men

This smart holdall is the perfect finishing touch to any look. Made from leather, it’s a smart addition to his wardrobe and is perfect for day to day use and weekend trips to Ibiza.

Red Dead Redemption 2, £49.99

Is your guy a gamer? It’s one of the hottest games this year, but if he hasn’t got it yet then it’s sure to make a great present – although you might have to pry them away for Christmas dinner.

Paul Smith Socks £50

This is a pack of three socks, not one, and although that still seems pricey, these socks are a real treat for his feet. They come in a range of bright colours and patterns and can be worn everyday or saved for best. Please keep them paired up when you come to wash them.

Barbour grain leather wallet in black, £49.95

This stylish leather wallet is a great new update to his wardrobe. It’ll go with everything and give him a flash place to store his cash whilst still looking smart. Or cards – does anyone carry cash these days?

Portugese Shave Brush, £26

Throw that shaving foam in the bin. This brush will vastly improve his shave and will look impressive in the bathroom too. Only for the NON-HIPSTERS out there.

Kindle Paperwhite £119.99

The new Kindle Paperwhite is perfect if he loves reading. With more storage, built in Audible, he can enjoy more books, comics, magazines, and newspapers than before. Plus it’s waterproof – perfect if you’re Balearic bound soon.

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