Xmas Gifts For Her

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas shopping for HER can be a real pain, what do you buy your Mum, Wife, Sister or BFF? To be honest, it’s not as hard to come up with gift ideas for women as you might think.

If you’re a man who likes living on the edge, you could lazily ransack the nearest John Lewis with less than 48-hours to go until the big day, plus get it all done with enough time to spare for a few festive pints. But finding presents they’ll actually like and not just stuff they’ll give away next Christmas? Well, that’s a different beast entirely.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the best gifts for you to give to the ladies in your life, whatever their taste, and however deep your pockets.

A Makeup Gift Set

Unless you live on some tropical island, there’s a fair chance the ladies in your life will have lost their summer glow by the 25thDecember. Thankfully, makeup gods Benefit has put together all the essentials to make her feel she’s been wintering on the Costa Del Sol, not Coventry.


A Cashmere Scarf

For a simple touch of luxury, a cashmere scarf can do more than just keep her warm. Pick the right style and you can also help her accessorise just about any outfit.


A Roll-Neck Jumper

Sure, every girl likes to get glammed up on Christmas Day, but the day after is all about being cosy. This ultra-comfy jumper is the ultimate option, and there are bonus points for buying grey – this winter’s must have colour.


Statement Earrings

Here’s some inside knowledge: big earrings that resemble something your Grandma might wear have been having a bit of a moment in womenswear. This pair will make her the fashion alpha in the room over the festive season.


A Camisole Top

‘How to buy clothes for women’ is the most searched for thing on Google. Well, out of the PG ones, anyway. All you need to know is that you can rarely go wrong with jeans and a nice top. Here’s one half of the puzzle sorted, a little black camisole top, to keep you both happy.


Luxury Lingerie

Christmas is the occasion to splash out and we guarantee it’ll be well received. All women love beautiful lingerie – just like men. Choose lace and satin in festive green and red.


An Eye Mask

We need to let you in on a secret, guys: lingerie isn’t just about the stuff you want to see her in. It also covers bedroom accessories that come in useful for getting much needed kip, like a silky mask that’s guaranteed to deliver eight hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep.


A Pair of Red Leather Gloves

There’s nothing fashionable about frostbite, making gloves an easy Christmas gift idea year after year. Slightly more stylish than woolly gloves on string would be a combination of smooth suede and shiny leather in nothing other than RED.



PJs may be the mainstay of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. All girls love PJs, whether men like it or not. I know my other half hates them, but that doesn’t stop me snuggling up in a set. Victoria’s Secret always make sure sleepwear is done right.

Victoria’s Secret

An Iconic Perfume

Chanel No. 5 has been a men’s gifting go-to for decades, but now there’s a new bottle in town. The French label’s first new fragrance in 15 years, the equally floral Gabrielleis being tipped to take the crown, so get it while you can. If not – No.5is always a winning choice.

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