Trainer Heels at Milan Fashion Week

WHAT do you get if you cross a pair of wedges with a “dad” trainer?

The result is a towering, orthopaedic-like trainer. DSquared2’snew ‘Giant Heels’.

Labelled ‘dad trainer heels’ on the socials, this bizarre fusion has raised eyebrows everywhere. These sneaker wedges feature a white chunky base, neon detailing and are held in place by a Velcro ankle strap.

But what I love about them, though, is that they also feature a wedge-like heel. The trainer heels made their debut at the recent Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2018.Nevertheless, the merging of a dad trainer with a wedge isn’t an obvious one.Are DSquared2’s Giant Heels a publicity stunt, perhaps?

Balenciaga’s oversized trainers are similar and I have a pair myself, so I’m a fan.

On the subject of Balenciaga and ugly shoes, their ‘Platform Crocs’have flown off the shelves at £600 a pair.

No, it’s not a late April fool’s, Crocs seem to be making a comeback in 2018. with eBay reporting 25,000 searches for Crocs this summer.

So forget the dainty sandals and boho boots this super hot summer, it’s all about the uber ugly trainer or hideous Crocs.

Let’s oversize things…