The Waistcoat

So we didn’t bring home the World Cup, but we did re-discover a new (and old)  fashion trend for men, which has made M&S hip again.

I only have to say  “The Waistcoat” and you know exactly what I’m going to say next. Gareth Southgate.

Fashion and football haven’t always worked well together. Think Hoddle and Waddle. With the exception of David Beckham and Hector Bellerin, we don’t usually refer to footballers as style icons, but enter a new football fashion idol.

England manager Gareth Southgate is shaping up to be the most stylish gaffer at the World Cup 2018, and it’s all thanks to THAT £65 Marks & Spencer waistcoat, which has totally sold out by the way.

Gareth hasn’t always been applauded for his style (don’t mention the penalty), but he’s had a major make-over. The mundane shirts of old have been replaced with smart suits, expensive shoes and a fashionable, neatly trimmed hipster beard.

He rocks his sharp tailored three-piece suit. So far, he’s showcased a blue version with a red, white and blue tie for England’s matches against Tunisia, Panama and their crucial win against Colombia.

Signs that Gareth was sharpening up his act were obvious back in November 2017, when he wore a waistcoat at England’s international friendly against Germany.

Then in April, he was spotted looking rather dapper in the stands at the Everton and Liverpool premier league match, in a flat cap. Very Beckham-esque.

But the England manager is not alone when it comes to his love of the waistcoat. Other celeb fans include David Beckham himself, David Gandy and Jamie Redknapp.

To get Gareth’s exact look you can snap up his three piece suit from Marks & Spencer, the official suit supplier to the England team, for £264.The suit comes in tailored, regular or slim fit. You can also buy the same striped tie for £25.

Be cautious though Lads. Not everyone looks good in a waistcoat, or the middle-aged man’s corset, as it’s often called.Avoid patterns at all costs, unless you want to look like a 80s snooker player.

As a boho girl and Kate Moss fan, I’m wearing one of Gareth’s waistcoats over my bikini this summer teamed with a fedora and ankle boots at all Balearic hot spots this summer.

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