The Beach Siren

Having just concluded my ‘Love Island’ binge viewing – I only watched the first episode and the final – we can safely say Summer 2018 is all about the bikini. The range of shapes and sizes (and prices) is seemingly endless.

But did you ever think you would come across a bikini that would be slammed as ‘too sexy’, dividing opinion on the Internet?

Say hello to the “Beach Siren Bikini” – a brand new design featuring suspender-style bottoms.

Fashion Novais selling the revealing swimwear for £22, available in burgundy red and black.

The two-piece design features a crop-style bikini top with high-rise thong bottoms. But it’s the suspender-style “thigh garters” that have harnessed online attention.

The non-removable straps have had some shoppers confused – with many asking if the two-piece was swimwear or lingerie?

After posting the bikini on IG, customers were quick to comment on Fashion Nova’s Instagram post.

One user wrote: “…imagine wearing this at the beach!! The tan lines though”, another said: “…wait…this is a bikini not lingerie?? And “everything is too sexy nowadays”.

Another confused Instagram user commented: “The only place you should wear this at is your own personal pool at home with your man”. Kind of.

But having watched LI, and having recently driven through San Antonio and Magaluf, our Millennials are not shy in the slightest. In fact, I can see this going down a storm at Ocean Beach or Nikki Beach.

Add heels if you dare.

The suspender-style straps are non-removable.

Both bikinis are still available in all sizes

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