Spice Girls

So, this week, The Spice Girlshave announced a brand-new tour, which some people have cynically dubbed the ‘Menopause Tour ‘or ‘The Skint Tour’.

I don’t care, because I am of the original Girl Power generation. I was there when we all understood what ‘Zig A Zig Ahh’ truly meant. Which was sex,by the way.

I’m buying tickets. I am intrigued to see the girls who shaped my 90s, albeit without Posh. Because of course, Posh isn’t skint, or (as far as I can tell) going through her change in life.

When I was in my early 20s I bloody loved the Spice Girls. They couldn’t sing a note and were amateur to say the least, but what I loved most was the storybook “characters” that the girls engraved into popular culture. Every girl could relate to one of them.

If you were sweet blonde bunchesand into pink and Buffalo platforms, then you were ‘Baby’. If you were all fierce animal printsplus afro and abs, then you were ‘Scary’.If you were Jessica Rabbit Red hair, voluptuous hour-glass shaped body and all union jack mini dress, then you were ‘Ginger’.If you were athletic,muscular build, slightly tomboy frame, all trackies and trainers, then you were ‘Sporty’.

And onto my favourite – if you loved Gucci,the little black dress, the pout, the bob, legs and the two-finger peace sign, then you were Posh.

Like them or loathe them – they shaped my youth, and I say ‘long live the Spice Girls’ – because if you wanna be my lover, then you gotta get with my friends. Simple.

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