Save the Children Christmas Jumper

Hands up who finds the ‘Christmas Jumper’ a guilty pleasure? OK, not all of you, but I do see some hands creeping up. They’re often cheap, nasty and cringeworthy, but many of us still wear them during a shameless two week seasonal window, right?

Edging the concept a little closer to fashion acceptability, here are (probably) the most tasteful seasonal sweaters for 2018. Plus, they’re in aid of Save The Children.

Celebrities including style icon Kate Moss, singer Liam Payne, Mo Farah, Erin O’Connor, Luke Evans and David Gandy are encouraging you to start thinking “Xmas sweater”.

These famous faces have joined forces to support Save The Children, to celebrate the seventh annual “Christmas Jumper Day”, taking place on December 14 to help raise money for vulnerable children around the world.

The charity has  teamed up with Selfish Mother, founder of The FMLY Store,  to create a range of simple stylish jumpers, which over the past two years have raised £150k. In fact, dare I say it, they’re so stylish you could wear them all year round.

The unisex £55 sweatshirts come in both striking red and minimal black, each of the four designs adorned with a fitting festive phrase: ‘love’, ‘hope’, ‘peace’ and ‘joy’.

The organisation explained on its Instagram: “You’ll look fabulous and feel great as 50% of the cost goes towards our work helping children around the world.”

You can pre-order a jumper now exclusively at

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