Multi Bagging At Paris Fashion Week

We all know about double bagging at Tesco’s, but last weekend’s Paris Fashion Weekproduced ‘Mulit-Bagging’on Rhianna. She wore not one, not two, but three Louis Vuitton bags.

Fendi andAcne Studios also saw multi-bagging all over the catwalk.

A fashion show can last anything between 8 and 13 minutes. And yet at last week’s Louis Vuitton show, Rihanna turned up with enough bags for a long weekend minibreak.

Her three arm adornments came from the spring 2019 Louis Vuittoncollection designed by its new artistic director, Virgil Abloh. In descending order of usefulness, they were: the Keepall duffle bag, the Danube bag worn as a belt bag, and finally, the Petite Boite Chapeau, which probably didn’t contain much at all.

At Acne Studios, models carried bags attached to other bags, while at Fendi,they appeared, Buckaroo-style, laden with bumbags, clutches and totes.

In fashion, leather goods are up there with the most lucrative part of the luxury goods market (more than 80% of Louis Vuitton’s revenue comes from accessories). But it’s handbags that get you hooked. What’s more, tiny bags are on-trend. Some might laugh, but if you have one, you probably need a second for your actual stuff.

This multi-bagging is very familiar to me, as I admit to carrying a tote bag for spare shoes, a smaller bag for items such as my phone and wallet, and a third bag for my food shopping because it’s 2018 and I’ve finally got my head around recycling plastic bags.

Life sure as hell ain’t simpler than it used to be.

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