Men’s London Fashion week 2019

Kicking off the year in fashion, Men’s LFW commenced on the first weekend of 2019, proving that while many of us had been lazing over the Christmas period, it was a different story for the designers behind some of the industry’s most exciting menswear labels.

To cut a long story short, when it comes to men’s fashion, it’s either the Peaky Blinders Soho Farmhouse look, Gareth Southgate suits or (yawn) chinos, mundane jeans and tees.

But it is 2019 and it’s London Fashion Week, so here are 4 trends you guys may not have expected to see, prompting thoughts about how my fashion heartlands of London, Ibiza and Mallorca will be looking this summer.

Open Flies At Cottweiler

Models took to the catwalk at Cottweilerwith their flies purposely undone making way for shirt bottoms and neon underwear to flash through. Luckily, the flash ended there. Not a wink in sight.

The Return Of The Muff At Per Götesson

Feeling chilly in 2019? There’s only one way to fight the freeze in style: by tucking hands into a muff, as per the message on the Per Götessoncatwalk. Less than practical for those on the go, could the reintroduction of the muff be the way once and for all to keep us from constantly checking our phones?

The Return Of ’00s It Girl “Out Out” Dresses

Seeing dresses appear on the menswear catwalks is becoming the norm – come on, people it’s 2019. But what we weren’t expecting from Fashion Eastnewcomer Mowalolawas the championing of those itsy bitsy party dresses that 00s It Girlsfell out of nightclubs wearing. Less is definitely more fun.

Animal Talons At Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Thought your Triple S Balenciaga trainers were edgy?

(I still love mine). Thought that your penchant for socks and sandals were a little too radical for the mainstream? Wait until you’ve seen Charles Jeffrey’s latest shoe adornment, taking inspiration straight out of Where The Wild Things Are. Boots in all forms, sizes and heels came with claws sticking out over toes.

So, there you have it Guys. He who dares…

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