Katie from The Ting Tings

They call me Hell. They call me Stacey. They call me Her. They call me Jane. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. 

If you don’t recognise these iconic vocals – where have you been?

The Ting Tingsare a major 21stcentury band, making a huge name for themselves on the indie stag since the noughties. From Ibiza Rocks to Jools Holland live, The Ting Tings have put a stamp on our musical history. Meet Katie and Jules, a genuine couple and the band.

After a three-year break from the music industry, plus following that massive hit ‘That’s Not My Name’, the couple have returned with a brand-new album. I met Katie – lead vocalist – whilst I was at London Fashion Week earlier this year, and quizzed her on her love of fashion, LA and Ibiza.

AZIPU. Katie, firstly tell us what you have been up to since we last heard from the Ting Tings, and your future plans?

Well, we have been travelling a lot and we wrote and recorded most of this album between Spain and LA. We are now back in the UK, always on the move and suffer from itchy feet! We have just put the album out and are now getting stuck into rehearsals for live shows next year. We wanted to put our music out independently so it’s been really hectic.

AZIU.Where are your favourite hangouts in Ibiza?

I tend to dodge the places that are full on. I much prefer hippy markets and Pilates near the beach.  If we do make it out to Pacha or Amnesia or whatnot it’s because someone we know is playing. So it’s more about who is performing than the choice of club. I love getting a boat over to Formentera, I bought an epic fishermen’s basket beach bag on the market there. Espalmador beach holds so many beautiful memories for me. Its only accessible by boat so you pretty much have it to yourself!

AZIU. Where do you shop for fashion in London, LA and Ibiza?

I’m still working out London, since I recently got back here after 10 years of touring and living in various parts of the world. My fave designers are Yohji Yamamoto, Y3, I have always been a fan of adidas.  Sacai, Maison Margiela, I love Opening Ceramony in New York, think they have a little one now in London, full of emerging designers, I love hats and always would go hat shopping at CA4LA in Tokyo. I’m super excited because they have opened a shop in Hoxton that I’m going to go raid. I’m constantly scanning online as I am thinking about finally starting to design my own. I’ve wanted to do it for years so I am mood boarding the shit out of my front room at the moment!

AZIU.Describe your signature style and your general fashion influencers / icons.

I change my style per album but I would say my natural style is 25% mod 25% punk 25% girly and 25% Minimal. I love Patti smith, Debbie Harry, Karen O, Alexa Chung, Susie style bubble. I love layering. I love interesting cuts and use of fabric and I’m obsessed with Japanese designers.

AZIU. How important is fashion to you and how much do you spend per month?

I love fashion. But I think I have really changed my stance on it over the past couple of years. I was recently sorting out all my clothes after 10 years of touring and amassing copious amount of clothes. The amount of fast fashion I had that meant absolutely nothing to me and was totally unnecessary shocked and disgusted me. I sorted through it and gave it all away-but as a result I am only interested in clothing that means something personally. Clothes that have thought and passion in them.. Its working for me. I have less choice, so it’s less stressful!

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