Clinched Waists This Winter

Summer is totally gone and it’s time to turn our attention to that most essential of seasonal staples, the winter coat. But sometimes this old favourite can create the biggest wardrobe let downs. No matter how expensive a choice, it can make you look a stone overweight or (worse still) a complete frump.

But time to buckle up: the belt is back to save the day.

Yes, the silhouette-enhancing power of the belt is something to consider this autumn/winter, as well as the bag-belt. Clinching in your waist with a belt changes everything, creating a more flattering and chic appearance.

Here’s a selection of the best belts to think about, with some inspiration from the street style set.

Loewe’s structured obi belt – it goes with everything.

Loewe Obi belt, £675 at

A fringed on-the-ranch jacket requires a neat waist: make a western-themed belt the lynchpin of your urban wardrobe.

Mango cowboy belt, £15.99 at

Texture returns: pair a body-swamping chunky knit with a serving of ruffled florals and cinch with an equally tactile waist-enhancer.

Maison Vaincourt panther-leather-print belt, £191 at

The jeans-and-a-jacket combination still has mileage – just make sure you define the silhouette for leg-lengthening effect.

Isabel Marant Lonny leather belt, £140 at

A gently oversized blazer over a black crewneck plus woven leather belt spells pulled-together confidence.

Saint Laurent woven leather belt, £560 at


Gucci GG leather belt bag, £795 at


Consider the rhinestone-spangled belt the smartest purchase you’ll make all season: it lends even the safest of outfits a stageworthy glamour.

Dodo Bar Or embellished leather belt, £550 at

Lure an all-eyes-on-me embellished belt-bag from the festival field to the pavement: paired with a shearling coat and khakis, it suddenly loses its brash quality.

Topshop blue diamante bum bag, £26 at


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