…. a word with the Editor & Blogger

Dear Zipsters.

Earlier this week, I felt like I was in a surreal parallel universe. Where the sun shines every day, people wear next to nothing and are genuinely happy. We don’t have any Government in power and a hot-air balloon featuring a huge image of Donald Trump in a nappy, glides peacefully across the warm blue skies of London.

But mostly because everyone, man or woman, aged 5 – 95 was loving football and the World Cup (and waistcoats) again.

Baddiel & Skinner were almost number 1 in the charts with ‘Three Lions’ after George Ezra stepped aside and asked the public to make them number one. It was one big party.


But then Croatia came from behind to make the semi-final 2-1 and now our boys are coming home. Plus the clouds came out again and the temperature dropped.

So I’m back to reality but still super proud of England and have enjoyed the electric atmosphere everywhere over the past month. We continue.

Onto fashion, and congratulations, to my good friends at new boho label Angel Warrior. Jenny Lilley and Kerry McMoon launched their label just three months ago, and have been celebrating their meteoric rise since working with glamorous 90s fashion giant Sub Couture, which has sold out of all Angel Warrior pieces. They even have an ultra-gorgeous kids’ range, which I’m desperate to diet and get into myself!


Congrats girls – 2018 is your year. Long may you continue to shine.

Onto this week and I HAD to feature the Waistcoat, as well as celebrate the Bikini’s 72nd birthday. Plus, a helpful 9 day cleanse to help you get into your bikini or speedos this summer.

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