… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Welcome to this red-hot super summer instalment of Zips It Up.

It’s utterly glorious in the UK right now, with temperatures here in my London home as warm as all the best Balearic boltholes. I have been in my element, continuing to celebrate my birthday solidly every day for a week, with extravagant restaurants, food and wine in the sunshine. But oh dear! What’s this I notice in the mirror?

The start of love handles! I know we can all probably pinch more than an inch, but why do we get these infamous inches either side of our back?

I know that some people associate love handles with a “womanly” figure and adore their ‘hip-pidge’, but I personally wish they’d just go away. For good.

So, how does one deal with it? If the only exercise you’re doing is cardio, then this could be a reason for the handles too, as you need a balance of cardio and muscular workouts to banish them.

And stress? That could also explain unwanted hip and belly fat, as the hormones associated with stress can cause this.

The 60/5 rule is one that should be contemplated as a simple way to cut down on calories. It consists of cutting 500 calories a week through your diet, alongside burning 500 calories a day through exercise, which collectively equates to 60 minutes of “exercise” a day.

Boring isn’t it. But necessary if we’re to look anything like the cast of Love Island! Or maybe that’s unrealistic. But ‘beach ready’ at the very least.

Anyway… Onto this week’s issue and we check out bags at Paris Fashion Week, trainer wedges at Milan Fashion Weekand we discover some incredible modern artwork and DJ portraits by contemporary artist Davey Brown.