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Ho Ho Ho and welcome to this penultimate instalment of Amanda Zips It Upin 2018. Next week will be a fashion round-up of the year.

With the inevitable overdose of mince pies and with little energy to get off the sofa, nothing kills the ‘lovemaking mood’ quite like the Christmas period.

So, in the run-up to Crimbo, I’ve stumbled across a couple of festive sex positions (in my online research of course) to see you through the holidays.

  1. The ‘Reindeer’ position.

Believe it or not, this is recommended by Womens Health magazine. Simply kneel down on all fours in front of your partner. Antlers and reins are optional.

Either keep your torso absolutely straight or rest your weight on your forearms for an intense Christmas sleigh ride. Dasher or Dancer?

2.The Merry X Mas

This straightforward position will let you rock your way to a jingle bells feeling.

Start by having your partner simply sit with his legs crossed on the floor and straddle him. With one arm wrapped around his neck, rock backwards and forwards together while you also keep one hand on the floor for balance.

Other naughty gifts guaranteed to spice up your mulled wine time:

  • Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Vibrating Love Ring, £9.99 from LoveHoney.com

You can’t go wrong with a vibrating love ring.

This affordable design from Love Honey features “stimulating textures” for you to enjoy while the pulsations are sure to get your partner close to the edge.

  • Chocolate Orange Flavoured Lubricant, £7.99 for 100ml

And just to take things up a festive notch (or two), be sure to snap up a bottle of chocolate orange lube to help you on your way.

At the very least, a welcome change to a stocking full of Chocolate Orange of the Terry’s variety.

Why not take things up another notch with a blindfold?

Whether you fancy covering your partner’s eyes while you tease him with this move, or try it on yourself, this red satin blindfold from Love Honey is a bedroom must-have.

On that TIP, let’s crack on with this second to last instalment of 2018.

Beauty Ed Sophie

We reveal the winners (and losers) at the biggest event of the year – The British Fashion Awards 2018. Also, this week’s Guest Beauty Editor Sophie Jane Hopwood brings you the incredible Jouve Skincare range (I’ve tried it and it works).  Plus, some tips on how to stay slim this uber fattening season.

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