… a word from Amanda

Greetings and welcome to another sizzling instalment of Zips It Up, coming to you from poolside in Mallorca. Yes, I am spending my summer on the Love Island itself.

In the spirit of things, I’m trying to keep up with this current series, but I’m struggling. It’s not as fun as last year, probably because we had personal connections to a contestant in last season’s villa – Tyla Carr.

One year on, and Tyla has just announced that she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend of nine months, Ross. And Tyla Carr has also revealed she was so excited to take the pregnancy test, she did it in a Nando’s toilet during a lunch date with her boyfriend, who wishes to remain out of the spotlight.

Tyla, who also appeared on First Datesbut shot to fame on last year’s Love Island– embarked on a turbulent fling with the show’s bad boy Jonny, but is now loved-up with her camera-shy boyfriend.

Tyla’s dad JohnnyCarris a very close friend of ours and I know he’ll hate me for this, but Jules and I would like to congratulate Tyla for having the first (ish) Love Island baby and to Johnny for becoming a Grandpa!

Onto this week’s fashion round up and we check out the male cleavage, Palazzo pantsand the original super model Helena Christensen has launched a beautiful summer shirt collection.

Read on and enjoy!

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