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Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up, brought to you from Ibiza and Mallorca.

As it’s school half term, we generally spend this week in October in the Balearic Islands as it’s always a lot warmer than London. It’s a quieter, more family orientated time of the year. Whilst the hotels and restaurants are starting to shut down for the winter in Ibiza, Mallorca – especially Palma – is still as buzzing and as lively as ever.

The only downside to October is the more unpredictable weather. When it rains it really pours in the Med, thankfully mixed with dashes of glorious sunshine. But what to do when it rains and outdoor options suddenly don’t seem so appealing?

We go shopping of course, and Palma boasts some world class shopping for sure. One shop in particular is always top of the to-do list – the international make-up emporium Sephora, which astonishingly doesn’t have a branch in London at all.

It sells all the very latest cult make-up ranges and I had to snap up this year’s ultimate beauty buy – Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away Liquid Concealer – which I would suggest you try every shade of – from 1 -15.

It shaved years off me so immediately went in the basket, along with the iconic Benefit’s Lip and Cheek tint – Benetint in Posie. It’s not a look for everyone and can be a little dolly-like. But for me, I’m down with ‘youthful dewy pink cheeks’ giving me a glow without looking like I’ve been contouring in the mirror for hours on end. I know matte make up is uber cool right now, but I’m all for a bit of sheen.

I thoroughly recommend Sephora as a shopping experience in its own right if you’re ever in Palma. To top it off, after all that hard work, if you’re hungry then Palma boasts another iconic brand that mysteriously isn’t in London – US Mexican fast food giant Taco Bell. Not the healthiest of food choices, but this isn’t the typical Taco Bell that’s seen in some of the more run-down parts of America. It’s set in a beautiful open-air plaza in the heart of Palma, selling its iconic Mexican dishes under the Mediterranean sun.

Onto this week’s blog and we check out the cheeky Fendi shawl everyone is LOL’ing about, Kate Moss’ daughter Lila takes over and how to look attractive in a bulky winter coat.

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